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Serge Forté im Institut 13. 8. 05






Serge Forté und Oscar Peterson




Sheila Jordan und Serge Forté



Serge Forté

Jazzpianist, Composer, Arranger



Born 1st May 1960 in Tunis, living close to paris.


At 18 years old, studying musicology in Lyon, he discovers Jazz and listen to all masters with avidity. He teached classical piano to pay studies, playing with local groups also.


Professor at CIM, Paris, from 1988 to 1990, he recorded his first CD “Vaϊna”, latin jazz compositions, with in bonus a duo with Michel Petrucciani, follwed by many concerts as 1st parts of Miles Davis in Poitiers, Stan Getz, Michel Petrucciani at Festival Heineken, etc. …


In 1992, Serge recorded the future “La Vie en Bleu”, on French songs, and then “Mosaϊque” in 1994.


Working on the play of Oscar Peterson, Thelonious Monk, Erroll Garner, Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, Phineas Newborn, Lennie Tristano, taking some distance from his first latin mood and going deeper in his technic and harmonic play.


His students enjoy his great talent of pedagog and his help to prepare competitions or concerts. His last album “Jazz’in Chopin” perfectly illustrate the lack of border between Classical and Jazz. Ella Production’s signature, with distributor Codaex brings him today a worldwide visibility.


His new CD “Thanks for All” with percussionist Mino Cinelu, recorded in New York in 1997, now is ready.






Ella Productions

Label member of SPPF, distributed Worldwide by Codaex,


109 rue de Ville d’Avray 92310 Sévres France





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Serge Forté mit Sheila Jordan und Christine Jansen, 9. Oktober 2005





Sheila Jordan und Serge Forté 8. Oktober 2005

Foto: Karin Steinebrunner





Serge Forté, Soloabend im Institut August 2005





Im Institut: Soloabend mit Serge Forté, April 2004